10 Steps to the Perfect Bonfire Night

10 Steps to the Perfect Bonfire Night

Words by Neve Davies


 1.  Have fun!

The key to a successful bonfire night is to go to your local firework attraction, see what activities are happening in your local area or even your friends’/ families’ back garden.


2. Friends.

The main ingredient into making your night memorable and fun is having friends to spend it with.


 3. Warmth.

Keep yourself warm this November because wearing a bikini in -23456789 degree’s isn’t fun. The ways in which you can do this is by layering up with a coat, jumper, gloves, scarf and hat.


4. Pet safety.

This time of year can be stressful for your furry friends, so remember to keep them safe indoors.


 5. Wild animal safety.

Before you light the fire, check bonfires for hedgehogs, cats and other small creatures who may be taking shelter.


6. Personal safety.

Keep yourself safe by wearing gloves while holding sparklers and making sure a water bucket is nearby.  You can go to an organised firework display. Remember to stand back from the display and if a firework doesn’t go off straight away, leave it alone, as it may still be lit and could still go off.


7. Food!

Why not kick off your bonfire winter barbeque with the classic options of hotdogs and burgers. However, there’s still plenty of choice for vegetarians in the ‘free from’ freezer section of your local supermarket.


 8. Sweet food!

As for desert you can’t beat your own toasted marshmallows or toffee/chocolate apples. Check out the page opposite for some amazing bonfire cupcakes!


 9. Hot chocolate.

Go classic and do the whole works with whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, and the main ingredient to this masterpiece: a flake.


 10. Make a Guy.

For extra fun make your own Guy Fawkes!

What you will need:

  • Old clothing: including a shirt and a pair of trousers
  • Pillow
  • String
  • Newspaper or Towels
  • Pillow case
  • Paint (optional)


Attach a shirt around the pillow by buttoning it up.

Arms: Stuff the newspaper/towels into the sleeves of the shirt and tie the ends with string to prevent any of it falling out.

Legs: With your remaining newspaper/towels use to stuff the trousers of your guy, then repeat step two by tying the string to the ends of each leg. After this proceed by firstly putting the bottom end of the pillow into the trousers, the tie the top of the trousers around the end of the pillow.

Head: Stuff the pillowcase with newspaper/towels and button up or tie the end of the case. Then begin to attach your head (pillow case) to the body (pillow) using string.


Bringing your guy to life: To give your guy some personality paint some whacky faces on the pillow case and you are good to go.


And there you have it, your own personal Guy!




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